Line Marking & Demarcation

Tincone Pty Ltd provides line marking services for new road construction and road maintenance projects, car parks, OH&S warehouse and factory areas, and the civil construction industry.

We offer line marking solutions using several types of solvent or water borne paints, cold applied plastic, or preform in various forms such as holding lines, directional arrows, letters, numerals and icons.

We also remove lines using black paint or long life materials, machine grinding and water blasting.

  • Car Parks · Traffic Management

Remarking or setting out and line marking of new car parks. Pedestrian and traffic management including parking bays, pedestrian crossings and walkways, loading bays, traffic exclusion zones, heavy vehicle operating areas, directional arrows, lettering, and disabled symbols.

  • Civil Construction

Line marking services for industrial areas/factory precincts are part of civil construction projects. Parking bays, pedestrian crossings and walkways, traffic exclusion zones, delivery and loading areas, directional arrows, numbers and lettering, disabled symbols.

  • OH&S Factory · Warehouse

Factory and warehouse OH&S requirements and line marking for storage and stacking areas, pedestrian walkways, person or traffic exclusion zones, parking/loading areas, car parks, and pedestrian/ traffic management.


We also offer industrial floor coating services.




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